E-85 Fuel Safety Advice from Tuffy Elyria (Leona St)

January 30, 2022

Today at Tuffy Elyria (Leona St) we want to talk with you about a very important safety issue. This automotive safety warning is coming from a very unusual source: fire fighting experts. You've probably heard of E-85 gasoline being offered in the Elyria area. Some newer vehicle models are speci... More

Your Biggest Fan (Radiator Fan Problems)

January 23, 2022

Your vehicle's engine makes a lot of heat when it's powering you down the road, so it needs a way to get rid of that energy. That's why your vehicle has a cooling system, complete with a radiator and one or two radiator fans, also called cooling fans. Those fans make sure air keeps moving acros... More

Keep Your Tires Well Rounded in Elyria: Tire Rotation and Wheel Balancing at Tuffy Elyria (Leona St)

January 16, 2022

Taking care of our tires is part of vehicle care for Elyria drivers. We know they have to be replaced when they wear out, but tires also require some preventive maintenance. This maintenance will improve and extend the life of the tires, so it's well worth the effort and expense for Elyria drive... More

Follow the Bouncing Vehicle (Bad Struts and Shocks)

January 9, 2022

If you hit a bump in the road and your vehicle just keeps bouncing up and down for a lot longer time than it used to, you may have bad struts and shocks. They're the things that help to keep your vehicle's wheels and tires planted to the road surface. But they don't last forever. With care and ... More

The Right Oil for the Season (Engine Oil Viscosity)

January 2, 2022

As the temperatures plunge, certain types of engine oil may not flow as easily as they did when it was warmer. Makes sense, doesn't it? Just like molasses gets thicker as the temperature goes down, engine oil does the same thing. So, maybe you're wondering if you have to change your oil as the s... More

Keep It Flowing with a Fuel Filter Replacement at Tuffy Elyria (Leona St)

January 1, 2022

The function of the fuel filter is pretty self-explanatory. It filters your fuel. The fuel filter is in the fuel line somewhere in between the fuel tank and the engine. Both gas and diesel vehicles around Elyria use fuel filters. For more information about your fuel filter, visit Tuffy Elyria (Le... More