Stop It! You Need Good Brakes

September 24, 2023

Good brakes are obviously very important. If you've ever had your brakes go out while you're driving around the Elyria area, you'll know how terrifying it can be. Today we'll focus on how to tell when you have a brake problem and how to make good repair choices. Often, the first indication that... More

Used Cars: Tuffy Elyria (Leona St) Advice on What to Do After You Buy

September 17, 2023

Used vehicles are certainly an economical choice for budget-conscious Elyria drivers. But how can we know we're getting a good used vehicle and not just inheriting someone else's problems?There are good used vehicles for sale in the Elyria area. Vehicles are sold when families upsize, when famili... More

Direct Fuel Injection Update from Tuffy Elyria (Leona St)

September 10, 2023

For those of you in Elyria, Ohio who pay attention to these things, you may have been hearing about the new direct injection engines and want to learn more about them. Some deliver the power of a V8 with the economy of a V6.For example, in one family of engines the conventional V6 makes about 25... More

Straight to the Point (Alignment Signs of Problems)

September 3, 2023

Its just common sense that your vehicle will drive better if all the wheels are lined up with each other and the road the way the engineers intended. When theyre not, that is called being out of alignment. Here are some signs that your alignment has problems. Your steering wheel isnt straight... More