Direct Fuel Injection Update from Tuffy Elyria (Leona St)

September 10, 2023

For those of you in Elyria, Ohio who pay attention to these things, you may have been hearing about the new direct injection engines and want to learn more about them. Some deliver the power of a V8 with the economy of a V6.For example, in one family of engines the conventional V6 makes about 25... More

Fuel Saving Tip: Car Weight and Your Ohio Driving

July 30, 2023

Weight is the enemy of fuel economy. Everyone from Elyria knows this makes sense.Some of us in the Elyria area carry a bunch of unnecessary weight, and I'm not talkin' what you see in the mirror.Guys: sports equipment and tools. Ladies: well, just take a look around the passenger compartment and ... More

Fuel Filter Service in Elyria, Ohio

July 2, 2023

There are a surprising number of small, inexpensive parts that can lead to expensive engine damage when they fail. It doesn't seem right.Fortunately a lot of those things can be taken care of in routine maintenance. They may not be easy to remember because it is a long list, but your service cent... More

Fuel Filter Replacement

June 18, 2023

Hello Elyria resident! You would never like to drink a glass of mud, right? Well, your vehicle feels the same way. It needs a steady supply of clean fuel in order to run well and deliver good fuel economy. The fuel filter's job is to clean dirt and rust out of the fuel before it gets to your engi... More

Maintaining Your Diesel in Elyria

March 19, 2023

Diesel engines have been used extensively in Europe and Asia for many years. They haven't been as common in the Elyria area because of the high sulfur content in our diesel fuel. But the government is now mandating lower sulfur content and, as a result, we are going to see more Elyria diesel-fue... More

Diesel Maintenance for Ohio

January 8, 2023

At Tuffy Elyria (Leona St) we hear from a lot of people who are excited about the new diesel engines that will soon be available in passenger cars and SUV's. But our Ohio friends are often curious about the preventive maintenance requirements. People may not know that diesel engines have long be... More

Fuel Saving Tip: Dirty Oil in Your Elyria Vehicle

September 25, 2022

If you're a quart low in your vehicle, there isn't enough motor oil to lubricate your engine properly. The extra friction causes drag that reduces fuel economy while you're driving around the Elyria area.The same goes for dirty oil; it doesn't reduce friction properly. The result is you get to wa... More

Fuel System Cleaning at Tuffy Elyria (Leona St) for Better Performance

August 28, 2022

Hi Elyria residents. Let's talk fuel injectors. A fuel injector is a valve that delivers fuel to a vehicle's engine. It has to deliver the precise amount of fuel to precisely the right place, precisely when the engine needs it. The fuel also has to be mixed with air before it can burn in the eng... More

To Save Gas Around Elyria: Keep up with Your Scheduled Service

August 14, 2022

One topic that hits the news in Ohio on a regular basis is the price of gas. The answer for some Ohio drivers is to buy a vehicle that gets better fuel economy. For those of us in Elyria who don't want to add a car payment to our monthly expenses, we need to improve our fuel economy any way we ... More

Clean Fuel Makes a Happy Engine in Elyria, Ohio

July 17, 2022

If the fuel system in your vehicle is dirty, you will be hurting your engine and losing performance as you drive around Elyria, Ohio.Unless they drive a vintage car, Elyria auto owners have fuel injectors which need to be properly maintained. That is why your vehicle owner's manual has a schedule... More